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Mommies are fed every four hours during nursing. Our goal is for her to look the same after she's done with her babies as she did before she got pregnant. We even give her a support belly dress so she can retain her girlish figure. 


Besides high quality dog food the girls have healthy snacks. Egg omelets with spinach in chicken broth is one of the most popular! 


All our babies are born c-section. Sometimes babies need "extra help". We have an incubator and some babies are tube or bottle fed. 


How We Breed

Bulldogs are a special breed of dog. They think of themselves as family. Many dogs do but most dogs don't require the constant connection with people this breed does. Bullies need to be with you, in the room with you, preferably sitting on your foot. Therefore we don't believe in kennels. In fact all our girls have their own families in their own homes.


When we choose a girl to continue the pedigree she is placed with a family. When she is old enough we breed her once. She stays with her family for the duration of her pregnancy (only 61 days). She is only with us for a few weeks during nursing. Most of the time the family wants a puppy from the litter and ultimately the family has both mom and daughter, or son.


During nursing she is the queen..loved, spoiled, pampered, we even cook for her. 

We invite you to ask us about being a puppy partner with us. 

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