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Do your Research!

Important Bulldog Facts:
There are predominately three causes of early demise with Bullies-
1. They are indoor dogs. They are very susceptible to heat exhaustion. 
2. They love water but they can't swim. Get your bullie a kiddie pool!
3. Anesthetizing a bulldog has great risks. Sadly, many bullies die in simple non emergency procedures because of this.  It is imperative that you find a vet experienced with bullies.
Always be sure to start with a healthy puppy. Be aware that some problems are common,
such as food allergies, cherry eye, and heat exhaustion. There can be other issues as well. If you want a bullie you should be prepared with an honest and experienced vet. We reccommend puppy health insurance. There are many good companies available. You should also be ready to do some maintenance. Bullies faces, ears, and wrinkles should be cleaned daily. Just keep baby wipes on hand. Above all, always be ready to rub the belly!
 Bullies are truly devoted and love to cuddle.
Bullies just  love everything and everybody!

bulldog care

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