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Hello...introducing Little Bullys

So many of you have asked if they could have a smaller sized English Bulldog puppy we decided to research breeding for an identical, but smaller version of our standard puppies.We found that adding a small little stud dog would accomplish this while keeping the quality we have worked hard to breed over the last 20 plus years. We decided to keep our true standard pedigree untouched and start a separate and completely individual pedigree for these smaller English Bulldogs. We call them Little Bullys.

We do not breed miniature bulldogs, but instead just a slightly smaller version of the show quality pedigree we have. We don't show these as they are not quite big enough to comply with the A.K.C. suggested size.

If you would like to explore a puppy bred to the standard but likely to be 10 or so pounds less go to our other site

We hope one of our precious babies finds it's way to your home and welcome to Heavensent Bulldogs and Little Bullys Bulldogs!


Here is an example of girls from each pedigree. On the left a Little Bullys and on the right a girl from our Heavensent pedigree.

Little Bullys English Bulldogs

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