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The Perfect Puppy?

Is an English Bulldog puppy for you? They  are so cute and cuddly. They always want to be held, or at least be with you whatever you are doing. They're laid back, don't need excercise (much) and hardly any grooming. In fact they sleep most of the time. What a loving and endearing dog!

But your puppy has a downside too. First -he can't swim. Not a lick..and he will love water! So if you have a pool, or you are near any body of water at all, you will need to fence it off.


Second- he can't take the all. Seriously! So if you plan to leave him in the yard with your kids and a frisbee, you should consider a different breed.


Third -bulldogs are man made.They do have health issues. If you start with a healthy puppy with healthy lineage you should be fine, but you will still need to feed him the right food, and remember to clean his wrinkles every day.


Important- You will need to find a good Bulldog vet. Every dog needs the vet from time to time, but Bulldogs have unique issues. Not all vets are experienced with the breed. A knowledgeable bulldog vet will not only save you money, but will help him live a long and happy life!


We recommend getting puppy health insurance.

The Perfect Puppy?
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